I want to take a momentary break from photos of models and puppies and write a personal post about something that’s been brewing inside me for a while now.  We’ve been working on this idea to connect creative women in the Twin Cities & I’m so excited to finally share the details!   It’s kind of a long one, so strap in.

I don’t know where to start so I’ll just jump in.  I should also note I’m writing this during the snowiest almost-April I’ve experienced in eons while missing my friend Sara in LA so bad and wanting to jump through the phones we’re texting on and into her living room right now!  

But here it goes –

Maybe it’s because I was homeschooled all through senior high, but I’ve always loved having a large group of friends from all walks of life.  I adore having parties and planning events and making sure everyone knows each other – connection is everything, right?  I love being around people, to inspire and be inspired. I’ve never had any trouble making friends, and love to make first introductions!  On the other hand, I’ve also been prone to long solitary stints that keep me buried in my work and neglectful of my relationships, which means I have to constantly upkeep my personal life or it drops very low on the priorities list.  Plus, now that I work from home and have the kind of job that keeps me isolated M-F in the winters, it’s on me like never before to schedule water cooler breaks (at Starbucks) and lunch hours with other freelancer friends who live a similar day-to-day as I do.  People, as freelancers we need this!  And no one is an island; everyone needs good friends.

In recent years it’s become my mission to be a better friend, to not be a collector but to wholly be there for my friends and make new friends all the time.  Good friends are not easy to come by so sometimes you have to cast the net wide, but I’ve found that everything is easier with a good friend by your side!

This is me and my friend Jamie, St Paulista, major babe!

Have you ever met someone and become fast friends?  That’s how it was with Jamie.

The night I sat down across the table from Jamie at our first happy hour, I knew this girl would be on my team.  She’s a passionate stylist and avid lover of Netflix docs, but it was the effortlessness of our conversations about life and our weirdly cool families that had me feeling like I knew Jamie since forever.  We met on Instagram and on a whim decided to get happy hour at my favorite Thai place one snowy Monday evening last winter.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect; my winter blues were in full swing and I needed to get out of my house and hang out with a rad girl who shared some interests with me over a plate of eggrolls and a beer…maybe even two.  SAD is a real thing!

After hours of conversation I drove home, happy on the sensation of new friendship and full of great cream cheese wontons. I started thinking of all the other amazing women I meet with regularly for happy hour or brunch, for coffee dates or to tea, some who are friends I’ve had my whole life and who share many interests, and a few I’ve only just met.  Each one is creative, fun, and interesting in her own beautiful way – and would love to be friends, too, with a girl like Jamie.   

An idea was born!

I want to go out once a month and see all my favorite creative ladies, in one place, eating good appetizers (and drinking if you want to, we’re all adults here) and talking about whatever’s new in their world and just hanging out.

A Girl Creativethe idea whispered in my ear until I was home. A collective of creative women who get together regularly, not for a networking event or conference, not a workshop, but a place where women can meet each other and talk about life, their creative endeavors and families and inspiration and doubts, and listen to each other and make new real life friends in the process.

The idea got flesh.  Let’s invite anyone who is a creative female in the twin cities and surrounding areas – creative meaning they are inclined to write, sew, photograph, sketch, dance, act, paint, pose, and strum their way through life rather than not.  They can be makers, directors, designers, crafters, and bakers, too – because it’s 2015, and creativity encompasses more hobbies today than ever before!

Convincing Jamie wasn’t hard.  I texted her a rambling thought one afternoon and was sure she’d call me crazy, but she didn’t and instead was ALL IN.  We agreed that Minnesota ladies always seem to need a reason to get together – so we’ll give them a good one each month.  They can hang out with us!

I’m calling this Girl Creative because there’s no other way to describe the feeling I want each meet-up to have.   There are so many brilliant, creative, passionate women like Jamie in this town who have something to say.  So let’s give them a platform to talk to each other!  A good friend can be the best soundboard for a new idea, concept, or cause; now think of a room full of good friends and imagine what we can do together!

 Girl Creative events will be centered around eating and such, sometimes outside on a patio like Roat Osha (Thai food, yes please!) or inside at a museum, and in the summer will include as many outdoor activities as possible!  We’ll go to coffee, have happy hour, check out cupcake shops, and meet at Midtown Global Market for tacos and pastries (if you’re paleo, there’s gotta be something for you to eat too, so come on over…same if you don’t drink!).  

We just want to have fun, right?  Well, consider this your once-a-month excuse to do exactly that.

 We added skin to the game and said we wanted to make this meet-up specific to girls, because women are very different from men* and this event is just for us.  You guys, it’s our group and I want it to be rad females only.  Do you need further explanation?  

We want to get to know one another in person, not on social media – IRL.  And there is so much to know!  We are producers, visionaries, clothing designers and dreamers, and what we have in common is we’re all creating something that makes our hearts pitter patter faster each day than if we weren’t creating anything at all.  We create to feel alive!  And each of us wants to leave this world a little more beautiful than we found it.

I’m not an etsy maker, a model or a designer, but I’d be willing to bet I have something in common with every girl reading this blog.  I wager we’re not so different when we really get to talking! 

How many creative ladies live right here in the Twin Cities?   I want to see each of you at Girl Creative!

This girl is a HUGE motivator and encouragement to me.  I’m so glad we met in real life!

To me there is NOTHING better than collaborating with someone on a new project or idea just getting off the ground, and working with Jamie on this idea has been a dream come true!

My hope is that within the girl creative group other amazing women can find not only friendship but also creative collaborators.  Life is way too short to chase our dreams alone – why not make a go at it with a friend?

None of us are in a competition; we are all in this together.  I firmly believe there’s something unstoppable about a group of creative women who support each other’s aspirations and cheer each other on, and I’m ready to put that theory to the test with our first meet-up on April 13th! 

Grab a friend or come solo and join me?!  

 Girl.Creative Meets IRL!

Monday, April 13th 2015

Time 5-7pm

Location: Minneapolis! We want to make sure we have room for everyone coming!  Send me an email for location info: and put GIRL CREATIVE INFO in the subject line. 

That’s it!

Courageous creative ladies - you’re the reason I want to do this!   Let’s take over the world together, starting by bringing back the good old face-to-face hangout.  Are you with me??

I hope to see all of you lovely creative women there.  



The *: It’s nothing personal, men, we do like you – but this event is rated G for GIRL!!  …okay, that was one pun too far.  Carry on!