Girl.Creative is a collective of rad creative females in MSP.

The Girl.Creative mission is simple: 

Make friends, have fun, repeat

Girl.Creative MSP is a collective of rad creative females in MSP

Join us for an event!

Girl.Creative events happen 1x/month. These are social events that all rad females are invited to attend.

Some girls come alone and some come with friends. Either way, you're bound to make new friends!

And if it seems scary to come alone, you can hang out with Kylee. Seriously!

The beginning

What started as the brainchild of Kylee Leonetti was brought to life when she teamed up with her friend Jamie Overlund. The two ladies decided there needs to be an avenue for creative women to connect with each other outside of a typical networking setting, because creative babes need friends too. 

BAM! Girl.Creative was born! 

Creative women NEED a reason to get together and make new friends outside of work and conferences, so why not make it fun?  That's our philosophy!  

Girl.Creative MSP Founders Kylee Leonetti and  Jamie Overlund